OK,This is will sound weird but just this morning I found a old writer while cleaning up our place,as I live in a dormitory cleanings don't happen very often but the owner of the building has threatened to throw us out,that said I assume this old printer belonged to the older batches living here before and left the printer for some reason in a storage place.
I think the printer might be functional after a bit of care and fixing.The problem here is that the printer in question has no wires,power or pc-connector,whatsoever and my even basic knowledge about printers is zero.All I can do is unscrew it and clean it with a blower and put it back together.
What I want know is testing if it is okay and possibly fixing it at home is possible or should I take it to a shop?If at home what will I need?I have all screw-drivers,solders and all that stuff at home.And if take it to a shop then which one would you prefer?