Sony Wants Flash On The Vita

Apple users know the joy of having the entire internet in their hands... minus the benefits of Adobe Flash. The lack of Flash support leaves certain web-based sites, videos, and utilities totally unusable. Sony is aware that folks like to have their entire internet and eat it to, so it's continuing negotiations with Adobe to support Flash on the Vita.

According to Andriasang, Adobe has canceled development on its Mobile Flash Player. Considering the PlayStation Vita is defined by its portability, this doesn't bode well. Sony isn't resting yet, though, as software-development head Muneki Shimada says the company is continuing its attempt to work things out with Adobe.

The Vita's support of Flash could be a deal breaker for folks looking for a non-smartphone web-enabled device. Scoring Flash could also make the always-connected 3G models look that much more attractive as well.