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Thread: 'Plenty more stories to tell,' says Uncharted 3 director

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    Default 'Plenty more stories to tell,' says Uncharted 3 director

    As long as fans want more Uncharted

    Although Naughty Dog doesn't "know at this moment" what its post-Uncharted 3 project will be, there are "plenty more stories in the [Uncharted] universe" left to tell, game director Justin Richmond has said.

    Speaking to VentureBeat Richmond pointed out that the studio never set out to make a trilogy. Instead it has always "sort of seen it as a stand-alone adventure", with each game existing as a self-sustaining gaming experience.

    Whether there is an Uncharted 4 depends on if the developer can come up with a fresh, exciting idea and fans still want more.

    "We have always said that if we think that we can make something new and interesting, if the fans still want them, then we can make another one."

    "But we never said how many of these things there will be. There are plenty more stories in the universe. It is just a question of what's the company interested in doing next. We really don't know at this moment."
    If the game's performance on the UK charts is any indications, fans are definitely still keen on Nate's adventures.

    Decisions pertaining to the studio's future won't be made for a while yet though, according to Richmond Naughty Dog is taking a well-earned break and won't be thinking about making games for at least another month.

    "We're trying to recover from the process of making it and I think we will come back together and maybe this month and next month make a decision about what we are going to do next."

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    Default Re: 'Plenty more stories to tell,' says Uncharted 3 director

    They already made history..true legend they are...

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