What Is Ruffian Games Up To?

Earlier today a job posting on the website for Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games read the studio signed a “major contract with one of the biggest publishers in the industry to create a AAA game for current generation consoles," but that appears to have been an error.

"It’s a story that’s been picked up due to a mistake we put out in a recruitment advert," a Ruffian Games representative told Game Informer when asked about the listing. "Our recruitment effort is genuine, we’re looking for an Art Director and
Environment artists, however there was a sentence alluding to a new publishing deal that was actually a copy and paste error from the days of Crackdown 2."

The job listings have since been updated to read, "We’ve are working on a number of as yet unannounced projects with some of the biggest publishers in the games industry."

Crackdown 3 hasn't been officially announced, but the developer said in a 2009 interview with VG247 that the third game, assuming it's actually still coming, will feature an altered play location.