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Thread: Apacer Unveils World's Fastest High-Capacity 64GB microSDXC Card

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    Default Apacer Unveils World's Fastest High-Capacity 64GB microSDXC Card

    Apacer Unveils World's Fastest High-Capacity 64GB microSDXC Card

    Today, Apacer took the lead by launching the world’s fastest high-capacity Ultra High Speed microSDXC 64GB memory card with the latest UHS-1 interface and SDA 3.0 memory card standard. It provides up to 30MB/s UHS ultra-high transmission speed for high-end mobile devices, such as advanced smartphones, tablet PCs, event data recorders, etc. You may easily store 1080p Full HD videos, 3D games, digital music/photos, apps and other multimedia files. This feature offers the next-gen mobile experience, guiding you through the ultimate audio-visual journey. Apacer’s new Ultra High Speed microSDXC 64GB memory card perfectly meets the demands of HD audio-visual transmission with its lightning-fast speed and super-large capacity.

    Apacer’s Ultra High Speed microSD memory card, as the fastest microSD card in the world, is not only compatible with the latest UHS-1 interface and version 3.01 of the SDA memory card standard, but also backward compatible with SD 2.0. UHS-1 refers to Ultra-High Speed Bus 1, which can deliver transmission speeds up to 50MB/s and features a random read/write speed of up to 500/100 IOPs. In addition to satisfying the requirements of smartphones, tablet PCs, HD games and audio-visual media, it can also substantially enhance the transmission speed of small files and applications.

    Apacer’s Ultra High Speed microSDXC 64GB memory card can store approximately either 23 hours of HD videos, an uncompressed Blu-ray high-definition video, or over 16,000 12-mega pixel photos. As mobile devices evolve fast, sharing of HD audio-visual files has gone mainstream, Apacer Ultra High Speed microSD memory card will be your prime choice for best storage options.

    “With the popularity of smartphones and rapid growth of tablet PCs, high definition and 3D digital audio-visual contents have become the world’s mainstream trend of entertainment, and transfer speed and storage capacity of memory cards will therefore be the key to enjoying the real HD experience” said Grace Lo, Associated Vice President of Apacer Commodity Business Unit. “The latest standard Apacer Ultra High Speed microSD memory card is available in a range of capacities, from 8GB to 64GB, providing users with the impeccable, uncompressed high-definition audio-visual experience. Boosting fast transfer speed and huge storage capacity, it is ideal for either current or future mobile devices.”


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    Default Re: Apacer Unveils World's Fastest High-Capacity 64GB microSDXC Card


    ---------- Post added at 20:11 ---------- Previous post was at 20:10 ----------

    hehe... 2gb er upra use kortay parlam na r 64 gb!!!??! :O

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