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Thread: x10 mini root! to?

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    Default x10 mini root! to?

    i am a complete noob about the whole android rooting thing.My cousin got a x10 mini.Since its got the dated eclairs(2.1) apps gets installed inside the phone memory.So i think putting a custom rom inside it would be great.So please help me out with the best custom rom available for xperia x10 mini and with a detailed tutorial about the rooting process.

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    Default Re: x10 mini root! to?


    Here's a thread on how to root the mini/ADB commands:

    lternatively, you can use Flashtool. You need to have SEUS/Sony Ericsson PC Companion- to have the correct drivers for Flashtool to recognize your device. There will be a "Root" button on Flashtool's main page (in a tab format). Once you click it, your device will be rooted, after that you can choose to install CWM (Clock Work Mod) which is a recovery for Android phones used to install custom ROMs/kernals/or to flash stuff.


    But since SE devices are a bit different, chances are that you'll be give an option in Flashtool too install xRecovery (which is a famous recovery for SE QSD7xxx phones) basically the X10 family.

    Goodluck with the process, & unless you have your bootloader unlocked, there's no chance of bricking your device as people say!

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    Default Re: x10 mini root! to?

    thnx guys..will be trying it as soon as i get the chance

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    ok forgot to mention the devic was rooted successfully...thnx everyone

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