Sony Announces MotorStorm RC For Vita And PSN

Sony and developer Evolution Studios have revealed the next entry in the MotorStorm series, and it looks like things are getting smaller.

According to the PlayStation Blog, MotorStorm RC takes the ridiculous racing of MotorStorm and shrinks it down to radio-controlled size. The title will release on both PSN and Vita, and buying it for one platform gives you access on the other. In other words, you can jump between the PSN and Vita versions while retaining your progress (and not paying for the game twice).

You can see what's in store in the trailer below, but the short version is that MotorStorm RC has 8 racing categories, 16 tracks, and four-player multiplayer (on PS3). Considering the gonzo direction the series went with MotorStorm Apocalypse, anything that brings the series closer to craziness (like RC racing) will probably cement its identity. Look for MotorStorm RC in Spring 2012.