Many Google+ features have been hidden in plain sight from users. While Google announces major changes to the social network, some others stay under the radar. Being able to start a Google+ Hangout from YouTube through a video on the service is one of those changes.

You can watch videos with one another and gauge reactions or talk about what you are watching as you view it together. This can add an interesting dynamic to anything you find relevant on YouTube.

This especially works wonders if you’re watching a Live event with friends or co-workers from different locations, and are able to discuss it “live” as the event progresses.

Start a Google Hangout from YouTube

In order to start a Hangout from YouTube, you have to login to YouTube and be logged into Google+ at the same time.

Once logged into YouTube, pick a video you want to watch. For this example, I have chosen Parry Gripp’s “Boogie Boogie Hedgehog.”

Below the video, you will have options to Like, Add to, Share and Flag the video. Click “Share.”

The direct link for the video will appear. You will see a link to “Start a Google+ Hangout” in the bottom right of the sharing window. Click on “Start a Google+ Hangout.”

A pop-up will appear starting a Hangout on Google+. Check your mic and your video, then click “Hangout.”

Your video will begin playing to you and those who joined the hangout to watch with you.

Google+ will automatically mute your mic so you can listen to the video and not accidentally speak over it. You can unmute it at anytime by clicking “Unmute Mic.”

When the video is over, you can begin hosting the Hangout like you normally would. Tell your Circles what you thought of it, listen to their reaction and even watch the video again if you choose to. This type of Hangout lets you interact with YouTube videos in ways never possible before this integration between YouTube and Google+.

This Google+ Hangout will work just like any the traditional Hangout. All the features, such as settings, invites and what-not work just the same. This allows you to share videos with friends and watch real time reactions to them together. This can be almost as good as watching a video or movie together in real life.

Why start a Hangout from YouTube?
If you are watching a hilarious video on YouTube, you want to share it with your Circles on Google+. Since you are going to share it anyway, why not start a Hangout on Google+ and invite your Circles to enjoy the fun the video has to offer?

Hangouts allow you real time interaction with your Circles, and this is the perfect way to watch the latest viral video to hit the Internet. If you have not started using Hangouts on Google+, yet, why not invite your family, friends or other Circles to watch a video on YouTube with you?