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Thread: News About Radeon HD 7900 Tahiti GPUs,GeForce Forceware 285.79,Intel 2013 Haswell CPUs

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    Arrow News About Radeon HD 7900 Tahiti GPUs,GeForce Forceware 285.79,Intel 2013 Haswell CPUs

    I am kinda late tonight and I dunno if these have been posted or not,so I'm posting everything in one thread.

    From Guru3D -

    Radeon HD 7900 Tahiti GPUs to Arrive in January 2012

    Awaited with great interest by gamers and enthusiasts alike, AMD's Tahiti graphics cores, which will most probably arrive in the company's Radeon HD 7900 product line and are expected to get released in January of 2012, according to a recent report, says softpedia:
    Graphics cards based on the Tahiti GPU will come as a replacement for the company's current Radeon HD 6900 range and AMD plans to build two different SKUs of this chip, dubbed Tahiti Pro and Tahiti XT.
    A dual-GPU version will also be released later in 2012, possibly until the end of Q1 2012, which will most probably be known as the Radeon HD 7990.
    All three of these graphics cards will be significantly more powerful than their current counterparts, since the move to the 28nm fabrication process enabled the chip maker to improve upon the specifications of its GPUs.
    In addition, both Radeon HD 7950 and Radeon HD 7970 reference designs will come with an improved cooling system that replaces the traditional vapor chamber technology used for high-end parts with a liquid chamber. AMD said during a previous event that the new cooling solution brings a series of improvements over the old technology while also being easier to manufacture.

    GeForce Forceware 285.79 out for grabs

    Direct links to latest GeForce and Verde Drivers (including beta drivers).GeForce 285.79 beta for desktop GPUs: [Windows 7/Vista, 32-bit] [Windows 7/Vista, 64-bit]

    Verde 285.79 beta for notebook GPUs: [Windows 7/Vista, 32-bit] [Windows 7/Vista, 64-bit]

    Details -

    Intel 2013 Haswell CPUs Get Detailed

    You do have to wonder where all the Asian websites get these things right ? Sandy-BridgeE is about to be released, Ivy Bridge has entered volume manufacturing yet Intel already places a focus on that next-generation architecture with code name Haswell, details leaked slides together with the Lynx Point chipset.
    Haswell will be a “Tock” on the chip maker's roadmap meaning that it uses an entirely new architecture built using the 22nm production node. The first chips using this new core are expected to land in 2013 and according to the slides published by Chiphell through softpedia, Intel plans to split its product range into two distinct groups.
    The first group includes the company's desktop and notebook processors, while the latter is specially designed for Ultrabooks and drops the usual 2-chip platform approach that Intel has been using for quite some time in favor of a system-on-a-chip (SoC) design.
    Desktop CPUs will feature either two of four processing cores with TDPs of 35, 45, 65 or 95 Watt, and will include a dual-channel DDR3/DDR3L memory controller as well as GT2 or GT1 integrated graphics cores.
    Mobile chips will be available in the same dual or quad-core configurations, but the memory controller only supports DDR3L DIMMs and get the more powerful Intel GT3 GPU.
    As far as the Ultrabooks Haswell chips are concerned, these will be limited at supporting dual computing cores.
    The TDP of Intel's upcoming system-on-a-chip devices will be set at 15W, while the rest of the notebook processors are rated as 37, 47 or 57 Watt parts.
    Other features include support for the DirectX 11.1 API, support for the AVX2 instruction set as well as a series of IPC improvements meant to increase single-thread performance.
    In addition, mobile Haswell processors will also include a configurable TDP technology that enables the CPU to greatly surpass its maximum thermal design power in order to increase its performance when additional cooling is provided (like when used together with an external cooling dock).

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    Default Re: News About Radeon HD 7900 Tahiti GPUs,GeForce Forceware 285.79,Intel 2013 Haswell CPUs

    So far i know for sure, Intel will still suck at making GPU Chipsets

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