Google’s new project – GoMo – seeks to change the way your use the Internet on your mobile devices. This project is aimed primarily at mobile phones but could be aimed at all forms of devices on the go, such as iPads and tablets.

Since the majority of Internet users are now surfing on the go, they may not be able to take advantage of a web site if the site itself does not offer a mobile version.

Google estimates that by 2013, more consumers will be using their mobile phone to access the web than home computers. If this is the case, more web sites have to get on board or risk being shut out of this growing mobile market.

How GoMo Plans to Change the Web on Mobile Devices

GoMo wants to help you build your site for mobile platforms. By offering a comprehensive resource for web sites who may not have gone mobile yet, webmasters can learn why they should go mobile, mobile best practices and how to get the process started. Webmasters can even test their sites from GoMo to see how mobile they really are to visitors. Google offers case studies and statistics to support why you should go mobile.

If you visit GoMo’s website, then click on “Test Your Site” you can actually test your website and see how it stacks up on mobile devices.

Enter your web site’s URL and click “Test Your Site.”

It will take a few minutes for GoMo to test and then load your website.

When the GoMoMeter is done testing your web site, you will see it displayed on the right of your screen. You will be able to see your site as mobile users see your site when they visit it on their phone.

On the left, you will see four categories and a series of questions relating to each. Answer all the questions under each tab, then click “Get Results.”

GoMo will give you a short list of results to give you an idea of how your site stacks up. You can opt to download the full report, or e-mail it to yourself, so you can breakdown where you might need to make improvements on your web site.

If you do not like what you see, Google offers a selection of vendors who can help mobilize your web site. You can also always take the plunge and do it yourself. Whatever route you take, Google wants you to change the way you display your web site to move forward with how the way we browse the Internet is changing.

Will GoMo really change the Internet on the go?
Google seems to have its hands in every cookie jar on the Internet. GoMo is another plan to help make the Internet more useable for anyone. Since more and more Internet users are turning to mobile devices to stay in touch, being able to visit their favorite web sites away from a computer is essential to keeping them coming back for more.

Google changed the way we e-mailed, the way we social networked and now they want to change the way we browse the Internet on the go. Check out the GoMo web site and see what mobile can do for your web site, its visitors and its place on the world wide web.