Puget Systems Launches Aquarium PC V4 Kits

Today, Puget Systems announced a new revision to the companies wildly popular aquarium PC. Up to this point, the Puget Systems aquarium kits have been getting bigger and more complicated with each release. The V4 kits take a step back. The size and capacity is the same as the V3 kits, but is a much more finely tuned product. Instead of large bulky bracing, they cut it down to only what is necessary. Instead of dual pumps with complicated interconnects, they ran a single more powerful pump. This leads to a dramatic decrease in complication, assembly, and number of parts needed. This results in less points of possible failure, and much lower overall unit price. It is still on the expensive side as it will run you $596 plus shipping. Here are a couple pictures of this awesome looking case. Too bad fish can't live in mineral oil as I'd buy one of these right now if you could safely put fish in it!
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Aquarium and Cooling Module V4: contains all the parts necessary to mount your computer hardware in the aquarium. It is the equivalent of the computer chassis. The cooling module pumps the mineral oil through an external radiator, which provides excellent and quiet cooling. We have verified adequate cooling with the most extreme hardware on the market at the time we built our test system (Dual Intel Xeon X5677 CPU, 12GB DDR3-1600 RAM, Dual ATI 5870 video cards).