Now that the Developer Preview of Windows 8 has been released and the highly anticipated BUILD Conference has passed,Windows8Center is eagerly awaiting the next step in the Windows 8 process: the beta. Finally, we have some real leaks, not the standard Microsoft-authorized “Building Windows 8” blog posts. First up, some pictures from Winunleaked that provide a glimpse into a pre-beta
version of Windows 8:

Users can customize the background color, but not the image
In the start screen, users can activate a sort of “zoom out” feature that gives them an overview of their apps(this feature was demonstrated before but not included in the Dev Preview)

It is a good move on Microsoft’s part to include color customization; I think we all would get sick of the bland, uninterestingly generic green color included in the Developer Preview. In any event, Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 8 beta at CES 2012 and a Release Candidate at the
unannounced MIX 2012 Conference. The big OEMs, including Dell, HP, and ASUS, are all preparing Windows 8 tablets for Q3 2012. Who do you think will come out with the best tablet? HP and Dell have already proven that they need some serious help with theirs (Streak 7 and Slate, yone?), but ASUS has a pretty good shot here. ASUS is an adroit manufacturer of high quality products – think of their new, Macbook Air-inspired Zenbook. Whose tablet are you most anticipating?