Google has taken the concept of social networking to a whole new level by beginning to integrate its other services into Google+. When you Google+, you are given an opportunity to take advantage of everything the Google network of services has to offer. No other social network even comes to close to offering this type of community. If you have not jumped ship to Google+, there are a few compelling reasons why you should join in.

For most Facebook users, Google+ is just different. It is foreign, it is not what they are used to. They are comfortable with Facebook; they know Facebook in and out, plus all their family, friends, co-workers and more are using it. Why would they want to start social networking on Google+ if others have not headed over their first?

This is VikiTech’s seven reasons why you should get out of your comfortable zone and give Google+ a shot. If you do not check it out on your own, how will you know if it is the better alternative to Facebook (which we believe it is!)

Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Be On Google+

Ads? What ads?

Google+ has a clean, straightforward layout. With no ads. Yes, you heard me right. Google does not subject you to ads for its services, partners and even other users. You can login to Google+ and not be annoyed by countless ads by those trying to peddle their services on the social network. Google’s main strength is its Search Engine. Having a powerful Social Network in its array of services just helps it deliver better results and build a better product.

Google+ is not, and never will be, about making money this way which makes social networking more enjoyable for users. Facebook could learn from this.

Sparks actually give you useful information about your interests

Facebook has Interests; Google+ has Sparks. Sparks is the far superior way to manage your interests. When you add interests to Facebook, you can connect with others who share similar ones. However, Google+ takes this concept to a whole new level by allowing you to see the latest updates on your interests across the Google network.

Facebook does not actually keeping you in the loop on your interests; they seem content with just letting you connect with them. On Facebook, you get pretty pictures of your interests and information from their social network but nothing else to keep your interested.

Hangouts give you innovative video chatting

Hangouts were by far one of the most exciting features Google introduced when making the initial announcement about Google+. Using the latest in technology from video chatting, Google+ beat Facebook to the punch by offering the better alternative to chat. Why simply instant message your friends? Why not chat with them face-to-face?

While Facebook eventually introduced a similar feature, it does not even come close to what Google offers with Hangouts. Most Facebook users were upset when the Facebook Messenger was released for mobile platforms, because it was a separate app from Facebook’s primary mobile app. With the Google+ app, you can use Hangouts now without downloading a separate application for your mobile device.

You aren’t just uploading photos

Google+ does not just want you to share photos, they want you to be able to do everything on its social network with photos that you would be able to do in Picasa. This means tagging, editing and sharing have been improved in ways that make you think you are working within a photo storage site as opposed to a social network.

While Facebook lets you edit, tag and share photos, you are limited as to what you can do once they are uploaded. Your photos also can be used by Facebook after you upload them, just like your video, on Google+, you still retain the rights to your pictures and videos.

Circles, Circles, Circles… Did we mention Circles?

Circles was the number one reason folks began heading to Google+. Facebook launched its own, sloppier versions a few months later. Google+’s way of managing all the different people in your life cannot be touched by any other social network or web site in existence. You can post and share with one person, one set of Circles or no one at all without worry that someone will stumble upon it.

On Facebook, there are still workarounds for finding out what is going on even with a private profile. Google+ offers an unrivaled way to social network in private.

Integration into just about everything Google offers

Google never does anything half-assed. Google+ is no different. Over the last year, Google has focused on integrating its services into one. Google+ is the pinnacle of that achievement. By integrating its services, such as Maps, Google Talk, Picasa and more into Google+, you can share, find information and keep everything “in the family,” so to speak by using the Google+ network.

On Facebook, you may have to venture into other services to share and connect. On Google+, you can do just about everything from one place and Google plans to integrate even more of its services into Google+. Facebook may have many partnerships in place, but the integration of these services will never work like it does on the Google platform.

Google protects your privacy, not just on Google+

One of the biggest debates about Social Networks at the moment is the lack of privacy protection with Facebook. When you sign up for Facebook, you basically are signing away every piece of data you submit to them. They can use your profile, photos, videos and more to promote and data mine Facebook. If you think allowing games and applications to access your profile is bad, you have no clue what Facebook actually has the ability to do with your data simply for signing up with them.

Google in general, however, is known for fighting the government for the user rights, over what data they can and cannot access by you signing up for their service. On Google+, when you upload photos and videos, Google will not use them without your permission. While some applications and games require access to your data, and this is similar to how Facebook allows them to access data, you can rest assured that Google is on your side when it comes to protecting your privacy.

Is it time for you to switch to Google+?

The biggest obstacle online is getting out of your comfort zone and with social networking this can be a hard choice to make. Facebook has been around for what seems like forever and most people are familiar with it. They know it inside and out, all their family and friends use it and Google+ is still so new and others have not made the move so they may be uncomfortable with it. If you are still not sure about making the switch, why not make it temporarily?

Create an account at Google+, take a look around and see what it is all about. You do not have to make a commitment to use Google+ over Facebook, in fact you might just begin using both at the same time. The more you learn about Google+, the more you will find it superior to Facebook in a lot of ways. If you do not see it now, getting your hands on a Google+ profile for yourself is the best way to see just what Google gives you that Facebook just cannot.