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Thread: Help:got stuck somewhere in black ops

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    Um currently playing cod:black ops and um a very noob stuck in the 2nd the 2nd chapter where um to follow vortuca,there is a mission namely"collect a shortgun".onek ghuraghuri korlam,onek gula chul chirlam,tarpor o shortgun khuija pailam na.anyone help.where can i find the short gun?

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    No one to help?

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    Default Re: Help:got stuck somewhere in black ops

    When you, Sergei and Reznov enter the facility with a pistol in your hand (that you've picked up back in the jail), you will see Sergei trying to break open the armory and Reznov will tell you to go to the roof to help out others. When all 3 targets are destroyed, get back and you will see the armory is open and shotguns are lying all over the place. Walking over them will automatically get you one.

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