Couple of days ago I did 11k DPS with my rogue against Onyxia in 25 man mode..... with crappy gear available in BC... But the DPS went down to 9k as I died bcz of crazy healer (for not healing) Here is the SS of 9k.. As I dnt have original recount ss... Still I was in second... Supposed to be 1st although...

Buffs I had:
-GBOM (+550AP)
-GBOK (10% Increased Stat)
-GBOS (Dmg taken reduced,10% xtra stm, bonus Ap ref STR)
-Flask of Endless Rage (+180 AP)
-Fish Feast Well Fed Buff (80 ap+40 stm)
-Priest Buff (Stamina n Sprit Buff)
-Chewy Fel Tuffy (+5 hit rating)
#Gear: Garona Set (+4) (All lvl 232 excpt hand-lvl245) Excluding Head gear (Head gear is frm ony25 drop), Ony25 neck, Ony25 dagger +Sinister Revenge,Ring of kirin tor n EoT lvl 245 Ring, Lvl 245 + lvl 200 Triklet (both Crap),Naxx 25 KT back drop...and rest PvP gear (fury+rele)

Look at the Recount data of Toon Bulma .... Total DMG done : 1111794 (10.3% of Tot Damage) Highest DMG against Ony as the DPS holder higher than me was on Big adds. 9058 dps only .. was 11k...Even it touched 12.5k in p2.....

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