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Thread: cheats of Starcraft 2

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    Cool cheats of Starcraft 2

    To activate these cheats in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (on either your PC or Mac – they work for both systems), press ENTER during the game to bring up the game console, then simply type in the cheat you want and press ENTER again to activate it and the corresponding effect. You should get a notice you telling you that the cheat has been entered successfully. Note that the cheats only work in the single player modes in Starcraft 2 (e.g. customer, campaign, tutorial, etc).

    To repeat the last cheat you used (e.g. 5 Billion Credits) without having to type it in again, you can just open the console and press “=” then ENTER and the game will repeat the cheat.

    God Mode terribleterribledamage Enter “terribleterribledamage” to activate god mode.
    All missions leaveyoursleep Enter “leaveyoursleep” to activate all available missions.
    All research options horadriccube Enter “horadriccube” to activate all available research options.
    5 Million Credits whysoserious Enter “whysoserious” to receive 5 million credits instantly in single player campaign.
    5,000 Gas realmendrilldeep Enter “realmendrilldeep” to receive 5,000 gas instantly.
    Units do not Cost Resources moredotsmoredots Enter “moredotsmoredots” and resource requirements will be ignored when you go to create more soldiders (cost checking disabled).
    No supply caps bunker55aliveinside Enter “bunker55aliveinside” to remove the supply cap.
    Fast Build catfoodforprawnguns Enter “catfoodforprawnguns” and your unit and structure build delay will be dramatically decreased.
    Fast Heal imadoctornotaroachjim Enter “imadoctornotaroachjim” to enable accelerated healing.
    Victory Conditions Disabled tyuhasleftthegame Enter “tyuhasleftthegame” and the victory conditions will be disabled for your game.
    Resources Granted jaynestown Enter “jaynestown” and you will receive terrazine gas. This is a mineral that is required only for the Belshir mission.
    Disable Tech Requirements sosayweall Enter “sosayweall” and all tech requirements will be disabled. This is a reference to the saying “so say we all” in the newer Battlestar Galactica media series.
    “Terran up the Night” Song overengineeredcodpiece Enter “overengineeredcodpiece” and the song “Terran up the Night” will be played. Note, this will not disable achievements like the other cheats.
    Cinematics Menu eyeofsauron Enter “eyeofsauron” to view the Cinematics menu.
    Upgrade Weapons, Armor and Shield by One iamironman Enter “iamironman” to upgrade all your weapons, armor and shield by 1.
    Disable Ability Cooldown hanshotfirst Enter “hanshotfirst” and ability cooldowns will be disabled.
    Lose Game cadeeasygoin Enter “cadeeasygoin” to lose the current game instantly.
    Fast Build basestarsprimative Enter “basestarsprimative” or “reversingnazaire” to be able to build stuff faster.
    Faster Medics fsbcomunicacion Enter “fsbcomunicacion” and your Medics will be able to heal faster
    Disable Food and PSI Requirements mintmansoperator Enter “mintmansoperator” and all food and PSI requirements will be disabled.
    5,000 Minerals & Vespene Gas whorunbartertown Enter “whorunbartertown” and you will receive 5,000 minerals & vespene gas instantly.
    5,000 Minerals spectraltiger Enter “spectraltiger” and you will receive 5,000 minerals instantly.
    Defeat Conditions Disabled nevergiveupneversurrender Enter “nevergiveupneversurrender” and all defeat conditions will be disabled.
    Show Mission Progress dzmhairspring Enter “dzmhairspring” and your mission progress will be shown on the screen.
    Disable Fog War tooktheredpill Enter “tooktheredpill” and Fog of War will be disabled, revealing the entire map to you.
    Time of Day qrotero Enter “qrotero” and the time of the day will be disabled.
    Instant Win whatisbestinlife Enter “whatisbestinlife” and you will instantly win the current game.
    Instant Loss letsjustbugoutandcalliteven Enter “letsjustbugoutandcalliteven” if you want to instantly lose (for whatever reason!).
    Mission Graph Dialog lyingpect Enter “lyingpect” and the current mission graph dialog will be selectable.
    UNN TV News stayclassymarsara Enter “stayclassymarsara” and the UNN TV News broadcast cheat will be activated (this is made use of outside missions).
    Research Points wapboinkers Enter “wapboinkers” and you will be granted free research points.

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