As the add says, i want to sell my 2 sets of speakers,

1: VKeR 2.0 stand speakers with remote
3 way speaker system (bass, mids & treble)
Karaoke function with eco + 2 mic inputs
40W RMS x2 (1200watt p.m.p.o)
This are not available in the market any more. far better then current 2.0 stand speakers.
Solid Bass with loud function and separate BASS & Treble control.

2: CREATIVE I-TRIGUE L3500 2.1 speaker system
9W RMS x2, 30W RMS Sub
Aux input and headphone out in the volume controller.

Reason for selling: Bought a F&D F-5019-2 5.1 home theater.

Price: 1. 4200tk FIXED
2. 2800tk FIXED

SMS me: 01719438255 / 01671981391 or PM/post here

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