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Thread: How to play CS multiplayer?

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    Question How to play CS multiplayer?

    I'm new to multiplayer gaming on the net (I have played multiplayer in cafes tho) and dont know how to play CSS online. Can anyone help me and let me know how to play CS or any other games (COD4 or rts) online?

    BTW I am a SMILE user, do they offer any local server for gamers in Dhaka only? PLZ help!!!


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    Default Re: How to play CS multiplayer?

    The very first thread of this section is "BDGaming 24/7 Public CS : S Server" is stickied to the top SO THAT NEW USERS dont have to search all the threads and instead open topics like this ... from next time please be kind enough to check if there are already threads that clarify your query .. thank you ...

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