ok probably alot of u played sengoku basara 3 right..

so i was thinking,whos moveset do u like the best,think is comboable without much effort?

i think keiji maeda's moveset is best since thr is a hug epossible combination and his triangle square square+analog,triangle square square square{slashes while going up in the sky.}this combo in specific killed tadakatsu. and with other combos tht he cn do while NAs are wht makes him special towards other SB charecters

kotaro is second on my list bcz i can infitely combo him to keep him in the sky while not gettign attacked.with R1,few NAs,thn his first R2 and thn repeat,and also double jump tht makes him first jump,thn spin him forward and dashes him even further.i completed his entire story mode on the sky lol.

thx for sharing