It seems there will be some delay on the DotA 6.72f AI release date. Last week, PBMN said that the map will be coming around these days, but it looks like PBMN manage to work together with Cloud_str, the former A developer. With those two combined, we get a team who will be able to add a great AI to heroes who doesn't have it yet. So, if you said the delay is a bad news, i think the possibility of having more heroes with better AI in it is worth the delay. Check out what PBMN said:

Hello, again.
We discussed the release with Cloud_str and we came to conclusion that we need a little more developing time. During that time, many heroes will get their long anticipated AI, so i guess at the end the long waiting will be rewarded.
Basically the good news outbid the bad news of the delay: we get more AI for the heroes, bugs get fixed and skill usages get refined. Cloud_Str is a coding machine and every dev day means new amazing things and possibilities in the DotA AI world. Stay tuned... the release is definitely coming!!!