Google Launches Dart Programming Language

Google on Monday introduced a preview version of Dart, its new programming language for Web applications. The introduction was widely expected, not only because the announcement was listed on the GOTO developer conference schedule, but because a Google engineer described the language and its reason for being in a message sent to a developer mailing list late last year.

"The goal of the Dash [Dart's former name] effort is ultimately to replace JavaScript as the lingua franca of Web development on the open Web platform," said Google engineer Mark S. Miller in his post last year.

Dart offers several advantages. It allows programmers to write "untyped" code--where data types aren't specified as a string or number, for example--that can be turned into "typed" code later. Writing untyped code is generally faster at the outset and, at later stages of development, having "typed" data in a program aids with debugging and makes code more structured. This is particularly beneficial when developing largescale applications.

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