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Thread: Should a BBA graduate take up a full time web-content writing job?

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    Default Should a BBA graduate take up a full time web-content writing job?

    Got two job offers, one as a web content writer, and the other as a co-ordinator of an academic institution. Both companies have potential, though new in the respective markets.

    Till now I have one year of work experience in the business sector, and have a BBA degree. I have loads of irrelevant previous experience as a teacher.

    Pros of being a web-content writer:
    a) The company has international outreach, good infra-structure
    b) Respectful mission
    c) Will offer me a good salary
    d) I like to write
    e) I am also interested in doing a few professional courses in web-development and SEO-marketing, which may go hand in hand with the web-content development thing.
    f) I am also planning to do a honours and masters in English/journalism in the future.

    Cons of being a web content writer:
    a) Am a bit under-qualified for the position, but still I have been offered the job. During the interview the boss once mentioned that he wants a pro, he cannot teach the candidate how to do the work, then why is he taking an under-qualified person?
    b) What if I prove to be incompetent for the job in the future?
    c) What if I run out of work and get bored? I am used to working a lot and multi-tasking.

    Pros of the co-ordinator's position
    a) I have experience working in a similar position before, and also in the same industry
    b) have future growth opportunities and possibly a learning environment
    c) is challenging
    d) the boss really wants me to work for him; he is not even considering other options

    Cons of co-ordinator's position
    a) salary is not good (though I have been assured it will increase in the near future based on my performance); I have worked at higher remunerations before, and the employer knows that.
    b) There is a risk of overwork and under-payment
    c) lack of good infra-structure (a training centre where there is no projector, for example)
    d) several companies in the locality offering the same service

    Please advise anyone which offer is more suitable for me, in the long run especially.

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    In this type situations what I have found to work best is to have a good night of sleep then choosing the one that your heart desires. If you have strong will to do well then you will be alright.

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    I would go with Coordinator, especially since you're already well versed in that field and your future employer seems to like you already.

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    Go for web-content writer . Reasons are , you already have worked as co-originator position before . It would be not so hard to get this job again . Web-content writer is not a big deal and but the boss spoke the truth here . To become a good web-content writer you need some experience in seo as well as how this whole IM thing goes .Becoming a web-content writer will also help you build your own blogs , drive sales and therefore making a lot of money in few years. Working as a web developer or writer depends on your analytical skills ..75 percent time you would be researching + 25 percent involves hard work ..that should make up for the lack of experience .But as always everything depends on your mindset . I am not you or no body can decide whats best for you . If you fail at this job then you can finally say good bye to it and concentrate on other jobs and you wont have a nagging feeling inside could have done this or that ^__^. I have no IT background but i manage to do some IT work in the past so this is just my humble opinion.

    Also i can teach you some basic stuffs like having a web server ...setting it up installing forums blogs..what actually seo to drive traffic,some android and ios development as well.. more like a crash course etc via skype ( remote pc ) but this will cost you though . It will be like cramping 3yrs of experience in you within a day . But i personally think google is enough . Quick way to impress the boss would be having your own website and content in it and drive some traffic n show it off and if he likes it then you know that you are qualified and if he doesn't like it then end of your career as web content writer .
    Good luck!
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    The thing is that I do not have any significant (am familiar, but far from being a pro) seo marketing experience, and I do not have any personal website or blog, nor have I ever done that for someone else. I know a little about wordpress postings, and yea writing is something I adore, and hence the confusion.

    What confuses me is that the company which is offering me the web-content writer position seemingly wanted a pro (as far as the job description is concerned), so am wondering what if they realize after recruiting me that I am not suitable for this position? Why wouldn't managers know exactly what they want? And I have worked with such managers before who hire under-qualified people and later nag them for it, thus bashing your self-confidence into a pulp. But the company has international branches, and is itself a multinational one, although the operating office (where I would be working) is a very new establishment, and they started operations in BD only this year! The international touch is attracting me, but what if he refuses to teach me afterwards and I end up feeling like an incompetent fool? I have plans to take up a few relevant professional and academic courses in the future, but thats what it is, the future. What about now?

    I had the opportunity to converse with the other employer today, the one which is offering me the coordinator's position. I even told him the truth that I am not being able to give him my final acceptance because there is another such offer in the pipeline; he appreciated me telling the truth and he also told me that he will give me similar web-content writing opportunity (because some of their websites are under construction) plus the other work responsibilities. And to tell you more this company is a software-making-selling company, and they also give web-development (and other related stuffs) coaching classes and want to expand their academia (thus the need for the coordinator). So I was thinking, and I even told him out loud, that I want to learn everything connected to web + freelancing from him, and he appreciated that, though I dont know how much of it can effectively be practicalised actually. Here the initial pay is lower than what I used to get paid before in my earlier workplaces, and the workplace environment is not well-furnished; there is an "under-construction" look to it which disappoints me a bit, if not totally.

    and the market potential of this academia-- he wants me to expand it with more and more students. A lot of marketing and strenous hard-work need to be invested here; he says he will increase my pay after he sees how well I perform, but he is very interested in recruiting me, thats for sure. But is all this really worth it, I dont know whether anybody here have worked in the SMEs of the country, they make a lot of verbal commitments and cannot turn them into actions, and have this obnoxious tendency to make people do a lot of work at sickening initial salaries--- which I am a little sick of coz I have earlier experience working with SMEs. I can write a report on it if I want to..

    Recruiters blame employees for having job-hopped, why not put more effort in turning your place into such so that your employee never leave you on the first place?

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    i can teach you domain buying + wordpress setting up + theme set up + posting + managing in 5hrs + 5hrs is just redoing everything n practice till you get it right. Seo will take about 10 days of workshop and to become pro but this would need your own blog . The company will not teach you web development skills ...the reasons are ,if you know everything they need to pay you a lot if not you would leave the company .There is Front end development + back end development ....example you want to customize wp functions , plugins, then it falls into back end development .

    The company you will be working for can find similar company in google n find out what they are looking for from web content writer ..and their blogs and sites should not be too hard to do that. I personally know seo people who just copy paste lines on fb twitter n other social network and still get 15K salary .Anyways it varies from company to company . The guy who is hiring you as a web content writer do not know what seo is which is why he did not ask you seo related questions ..i personally think bba mba goes hand to hand with seo n web marketing ..content writing ^__^.

    Most BD IT companies suffer from one disease ..people leave after a year or mid level companies suffer a lot .And not every company owner is trying to make their company a yahoo or google . If you are creative and spends a lot of time on google then you can take a chance as content writer but if you are not like gamers who can play a game for 9hrs straight then do job as coordinator.

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