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Thread: i want to buy intel G3258.plz respond.urgent

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    Question i want to buy intel G3258.plz respond.urgent

    I want to buy intel G3258 4th gen

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    Keep in mind, some games won't run on dual core, like Dragon Age Inquisition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gameboy1996 View Post
    I want to buy intel G3258 4th gen

    I'm not sure where you'll find it in BD. The only place I once saw a mention of it was at SMART's site (maybe they removed it now), maybe contact @VANGUARD if it's available. Otherwise the only option to get it is I guess to get it from abroad, you can try contacting @MI nnit for help if you want to import, although I won't suggest importing it, it wouldn't be worth it IMO.

    The G3258 is a great CPU given that it's Pentium and so cheap, but if you want it for gaming then I'd not suggest it, some games are blocked from running at 2 cores/threads,, try getting an i3 4160 at least (will be cheaper than importing G3258), it's hyper-threaded , and it runs at 3.6 GHz which is great, as with G3258 you'll probably get around 3.6-4.0 Ghz (Depends on luck, cooling and MoBo.) with stock Cooling, and an H81 or B85 MoBo (that's all you'll use if you are in such a budget). Try getting an i5 (even if it's used) or go the AMD way.

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