Okay so you download a movie from torrent its mkv,or different formats, and now you gotta convert it to mp4 and upload it to ipad ? or use a software to play on ipad which drains more battery power?


First download a movie if you need subtitle for it then use
http://subtitlesapp.com/ which automatically download subs for the movie be it french or something else.All you need to do is just drag n drop the movie or video to the app n in a second all your movies got the subtitle downloaded right next to it. Takes one sec to download all the subs.

next If you need the subtitle to be included self-contained movie .mov file use Isubtitle which takes one min to add sub to your movie.
takes about 1 min for tv shows .

now that you converted and want to upload to your fav apple devices ipad or iphone use waltr mac app. Just drop the files into it n plug in your ipad n watch it uploaded at high speed. And it just works


You can pirate these easily but if you like any of them buy ( donate ) n help the developers .