Real Steel sneaks in next-gen Xbox ad

An 'Xbox 720' logo has been spotted in the trailer for upcoming Hollywood CGI-fest Real Steel, naturally sending internet forums barmy.

The logo can be seen at around the 46 second mark in the latest trailer for the Hugh Jackman movie, and conveniently captured in the images on this page.

It's not the first time Microsoft's snuck futuristic Easter Eggs into Hollywood movies; 2005 movie The Island featured a sci-fi Xbox with a holographic interface.

The Xbox 720's inclusion in Real Steel then is far from confirmation of the long-adopted next-gen moniker, though as far as we can tell it's the first time Microsoft's used the name in public.

Microsoft has long spoken of its ten-year plan for Xbox 360, which launched in late 2005, but that doesn't rule out a successor launching during the period, according to European Xbox boss Chris Lewis, who said in August:

"We think we're a little over halfway with the life cycle of the console, but that's not to say there won't be an overlap. I'm not going to announce specifically or talk about timing. But you could imagine there could be overlap, it depends. We're not being specific about the next generation at this stage."