okay i had been using a Banglalion modem when ever my broadband went off. But recently some sort of win 32 rammit virus got into my Program files folder in my sysytem drive & ate some files of some soft-wares. & in that way the banglalion login was not working & I even couldn't delete it as my uninstaller also got corrupted. Well this all happened after I cleaned my viruses in boot-scan so u know most of my softwares were not working & I had to re-install them.

So now whenever i insert my modem,the Removable drive just pops in for a mili sec & goes away. I went to device manager & saw that it still recognizes the modem as "Wimax Bus driver" ,i deleted that file manually from "sytem32\drivers" bt still the modem autoplay doesnt come up & i cant install.

yeah 1 thing,for those who never used Blion before, the drive BLION in removable devices never poped up/showed again after I had the drivers installed.SO now I do i completely remove this BLION ¤¤¤¤ completely from win 7 so that i can use it again? anyways to completey restore win 7 without formating my system drive again?