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Thread: Need suggestion for ISP in SHUKRABAD

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    Red face Need suggestion for ISP in SHUKRABAD

    Iím living in shukrabad (near shukrabad mosque) and now using Banglalion.
    Iím not satisfied with it coz I canít play any online games by using it and now willing to get a good Broadband line(like ISPros, smile, link3) by which I can play online games. I donít know the lines are available or not in sukrabad,if dose can anyone please tell me from where I can get those lines & what will be the Rate of charges.

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    Default Re: Need suggestion for ISP in SHUKRABAD

    I live in tallabag area...& i also need a good ISP .. All ISPs in this area are retards ... Please sumone let me know whether smile, link3 connections are available in my area ..

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