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Thread: WELLIE POWER 650VA UPS for sale @ BDT1300/-

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    Default WELLIE POWER 650VA UPS for sale @ BDT1300/-

    This UPS has been used in an office for a year.

    NEW battery has been installed 3 weeks ago. With new battery back-up was found to be approx 15 min+.
    Changing it because it is too small for two LCD monitors, CPU and other devices. Part of office upgrade.

    Item location: in Motijheel.
    Asking Price: BDT 1300/-

    Don't yet have a picture. Will upload later. Interested party send PM.

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    Default Re: WELLIE POWER 650VA UPS for sale @ BDT1300/-

    @dipanzan , pls close the thread. No need to sell item here.

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