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Thread: Nintendo DS Lite/ DSi price in Bangladesh?

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    Default Nintendo DS Lite/ DSi price in Bangladesh?

    I want to buy a nintendo ds , preferably the lite one as it supports GBA games and has a much longer battery life. I have seen some ads in / ekhanei .com. The prices vary between 3-6k from what I have seen. What would be the price if I buy a brand new one? Also what do you think the price of a used one should be?
    Another thing, how much does original games sell for? And how much does modding the thing cost?

    * Yes I want to buy the older DS, not the newer 3DS
    ** Price is a factor.

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    Isn't there anyone to help :/

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    I've seen people let a DS lite go for around 5k. Wouldn't ever dream of letting mine go. I do have a spare DSi with the box.

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    Default Nintendo Dsi

    i have a Nintendo Dsi, looks almost new.... I have like 15 original games to I bought it from USA. price is 3.5k. let me know if ur interested

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