I'm using Banglalion Wimax and I'm pretty (not completely) happy with it. However, I always find myself in tension of being caught up by their so-called Fair Usage Policy. Qubee has made clear how much data is allowed to be downloaded/uploaded in a period, but Banglalion hasn't. Plus it often gets disconnected. I'm a hardcore movie fan but can't download much movies because of this Fair Usage Policy Fear. Also, I'm gonna get a graphics card for gaming where I'll be needing multiplayer option for online (for which Banglalion isn't good as far as I'm concerned).

So my question to everyone around Mirpur area is, what ISP is good? I mean, I had a rough time with local ISPs. Sometimes they are worst as hell. Frequent disconnection, high ping, 'waiting for.....' and so on. Compared to that, Banglalion is heaven. But I want something like BTCL. I can't get BTCL right away because in that case I have to get T&T first. Long procedure and lots of cost. I've heard of Link3. Is it available in Mirpur 1 area? How about Smile? How much does it cost per month for 512 or 1mbps in link3/smile around mirpur 1? How's the service?

Please share as much as you know about ISPs here in Mirpur 1. I'd be very grateful for your support. Thanks in advance.