First of two new devices launching later this month for £399

Sony has announced launch timing and pricing details for its two PlayStation certified Sony Tablets.

"Optimised for rich media entertainment" and coming in three models starting at £399, the single-screen Sony Tablet S features a 9.4 inch touchscreen display with 1GB RAM, up to 32GB storage, infra-red remote control, Wi-Fi and optional 3D. The Wi-Fi version launches in September and the 3G model in November.

"Geared for mobile communication entertainment" with a folding design and dual 5.5 inch touchscreen displays, Sony Tablet P will arrive in November for £499.00. It offers 512MB RAM, 4GB of on-board storage, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and is foldable to achieve dimensions of 79x180x26mm "to fit in a pocket".

First revealed in April, the tablets boast NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processors, front and rear facing cameras for picture and video capture, with Wi-Fi only models running on Android 3.1, which will be upgradable to Android 3.2, and Wi-Fi/3G models powered by Android 3.2.

Like Xperia Play, the tablets will enable users to download PSone titles, as well as games from the Android Market. They'll also offer TV, movie and music content from the rebranded Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited services.