A provocative website has been making some buzz today as it claims that "PC gaming is not dead." In a very V for Vendetta fashion, the site says that we gamers should not have to bend the knee to sub-par hardware and that consoles are not greater than PCs. At the close of the video, the faction provoking these radical thoughts displays its sigil—a three-headed, green and black snake, which is the logo for PC peripheral manufacturer Razer.

Smells like viral marketing to me. It would seem that Razer is preparing to announce its Switchblade PC, which made a "look but don't touch" appearance at CES. It might become more than just a concept design in the next few days as the Web site's clock ticks down to the August 26 announcement date. The Switchblade is Razer's 7-inch mobile PC gaming platform (6.77 by 4.52 by 0.98-inches HWD) that runs on Intel's Atom technology.
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