An absolutely enchanting little platformer, Celestial Mechanica is the result of a collaborative effort between Roger Hicks and Paul Veer, two hard-hitting names in the world of indie video games. Recently released for the PC and the Mac, Celestial Mechanica is a heavily Metroidvania-flavored title set in what has to be one of the loveliest post-apocalyptic futures yet.

Paul Veer and Roger Hicks team up to develop a game that mixes the graphical style of some of the best looking games of the Super Nintendo era with epic “Muse-esque” music. Celestial Mechanics blends action, adventure and puzzle elements into a pretty solid package. Fans of the genre won’t be displeased!

Publisher: Roger Hicks & Paul Veer
Developer: Roger Hicks & Paul Veer
Genre: Platform, Adventure, Puzzle, Indie
Release name:
Size: 20MB / 22MB
Links: HomepageGametrailersiGNGamersgateNFO
Download: FiLESONiC : WindowsMacOSX
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