Hi so i looked around my room today and i found that i have x2 80gb hdd i remembered that i use to use them in my old rig and they are not all that use`d maybe a year at most so long story short windows was slowing down found hdd`s need new windows !! so i did what every geek would do ! i tried raid 0 for the first time i watched youtube from msi one too ! i did all the steps i made the raid and all got to windows setup screen i hit install then BOOM ! Load driver :
no new devise could be found . make sure the driver files are correct and located on the driver installation media !!! i download the files from MSI ! from Intel! after all it is Intel chip-set ! yes i unzipped them too ! it couldn't find any drivers in the 64bit folder !(of course there was files in that folder) it found some driver`s in the 32bit so i said what the heck lets try it to started loading then BOOM same thing i even downloaded the other controller micron i think same thing so i hooked up my old hhd with windows on them the raid works !!! it works on windows ! not much use to them there i needed a faster boot drive but the idea is my work is good so far !! why cant i install windows to them ! where is the drivers !!!!!! in other words HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP PPPPPPPP ! oh one more thing i have x58 pro-e .. thanks.