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Thread: Any Gamer from FARIDPUR??

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    Default Any Gamer from FARIDPUR??

    i just bought a pc recently and having great difficultes finding some games.i managed to bring some game from dhaka but still it would be a gr4eat help if anybody around here cud help me out with some of his collections.i'm currently playing witcher 2 as a very very young gamer this game is a real stunner.i thought i hate rpg but this 中中 is super cool!!
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    Default Re: Any Gamer from FARIDPUR??

    I live in Dhaka but i am going to Faridpur before Eid
    Give me the name of games u need. I might bring them if i have them

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    Default Re: Any Gamer from FARIDPUR??

    First of all thanks a bunch for replying.the games i'm mostly looking for is
    GTA Series anything(i haven't played a single one)
    Burnout Paradise
    Bioshock 1,2
    Battlefield bad company2
    Witcher 1.5
    Unreal Tournament series
    Metro 2033
    Left4dead 2
    Gear of war.
    Or anything you could of.thanks again.see ya soon!

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    Oh i heard of another sandbox game lot prototype.

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    I'm playing

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