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    In this special month of Ramadan let us rehash some of our core beliefs and how we go abt them. Many of you may have heard them - but I am making a new thread altogether. What will be here? Talks by Islamic scholars - who get down to the nitty-gritty of the mechanics of our religion. Moreover, these ppl are very easy to listen to. Rep if u like. More than rep, it will be much better if this helps you out even an inch.

    First talk: THE POWER OF REPENTANCE (TAWBA) by YASIR QADHI (In the intro you will hear how qualified Mr Qadhi is)

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    Oi miah @REVx - onno gulao dao. Ekta post diya thanda merey geley hobey?
    Rmadan to prai shesh.

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    This is NOUMAN ALI KHAN, a very cool Mullah!
    Just listen to him talk, he makes ISLAM and its precepts so much understandable, smoother and interesting!

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    Good talk and I like this guy too. Give them the EDDY SHOW also.

    Hope BG-ers are watching too.

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