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Thread: Hard drive problem

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    Default Hard drive problem

    Hey guys! I recently bought a Samsung 500GB hard drive, but a couple of days back, when i tried turning my pc on, i got the following message: NO BOOTABLE DEVICE FOUND. INSERT A BOOT DEVICE AND PRESS ANY KEY. so i went to my bios and saw that they didn't recognize any hard drives. So i thought that maybe my cables were loose. So i reattached the SATA cables and restarted but got a burnt smell. Scared, i immediately turned the pc off and took it to a shop where they said that my hard drive burned and i need a new 1. So my question is: IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN RECOVER MY DATA? coz there were arnd 200 gigs worth of data.... and which hard drive should i get? western digital or samsung? suggestions pls! thanks!

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    Default Re: Hard drive problem

    i heard there is a shop in idb who is data recovery specialist. try that one. but that will be expensive. samsung just sold it's hard drive business. so better stay away. their hard disks are not bad. i am using two for around two years without problem. but for warranty matter stay away from samsung.

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    Default Re: Hard drive problem

    you dont need to get it to any shop.
    follow my steps

    1st find a friend who has a pc (running pc)

    then download seagate file recovary software

    then install the soft on your frnd pc

    now shut the pc down

    connect your hdd on ur frnds pc. (dont remove your frnds hdd just add ur one)

    then run the soft and read the try to to do the next part by ur shelf ))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raa View Post
    you dont need to get it to any shop. follow my steps1st find a friend who has a pc (running pc)then download seagate file recovary softwarethen install the soft on your frnd pcnow shut the pc downconnect your hdd on ur frnds pc. (dont remove your frnds hdd just add ur one)then run the soft and read the try to to do the next part by ur shelf ))
    je hdd mobo detect kortese na, seita theke software diye data recover korbe kemne? Felling sorry 4 the thread opener. But u may give a try. New hdd kenar bapare, well WD are expensive, get a hitachi 1tb.

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