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Thread: Selling WoW EU Account Upgraded Till WoTLK

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    Default Selling WoW EU Account Upgraded Till WoTLK

    I got a WoW Europe account upgraded till WoTLK.

    Sorry. I forgot which realm i have my character in .

    But its a Level 76 lock..

    You will be paying mainly for the wow account + expansions.. I dont expect much for the character.

    Price is negotiable.

    My asking price is 3000 INR. ( I live in bangalore, India)

    We can find a suitable way to make the transaction safe and secure with no hassles.

    Screenshot can be provided by me on request.

    Note: I have no game time left. You will have to buy that if you want to play. I can provide Screenshot of user account page.

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    Default Re: Selling WoW EU Account Upgraded Till WoTLK

    bro,accoutn has nothin to do with the game client...transfer to private server,nd ull hve to recreate charecter....and if anyone wnts to play in cat with tht charecter,needs to py since its not jst 1 time pay is it?

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    Default Re: Selling WoW EU Account Upgraded Till WoTLK

    Retail is way more fun than private server. U wont understand if u vent played in retail. Cost for playing in retail per month is $15. All contents working.. Regular update of the game. 1 gm per 50 player what else u need

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