Good news for everyone, we finally figured out how everyone can contribute to keep this great site running.

Below you will find a link which will explain everything. It only requires a couple of seconds of your time. If you are really grateful you can spend at least 5 minutes every day.

You just have to click any ads of 300 links just once and click on "Skip Ads" and wait for 25 seconds before closing the window.

So do this as much as possible for you everyday. By checking 1 advertise properly you will receive 1 seed bonus. There are around 400 ads available per day. Meaning everyday you have chance to win 400 seed bonus= 10 GB upload credit. so it is a win-win situation for everyone. Don't miss it . you faster rank increment is related with this.

You must leave the window open 20 more seconds to be credited. You must press skip in the new window before closing it.

Visit this link and follow instructions: