NE vs Orc is now considered 'imbalanced' because of the extensive use of mass Druid of the Talons. Although it is rarely used in BD. It is always Dryads+Bears here.

neway, mass DotT requires quick Tier 3 and Double Ancient of Wind. And hero is always : 1.DH, 2.Beastmaster, 3.Tinker. While upgrading, it is necessary 2 stay in Orc base and harass cuz u don't have too many units in ur base. Harassing burrows is a good idea till a decent DotT army is achieved.

Orc goes normal Grunt, Raider, SW in every match. But the moment orc sees Beastmaster, they'll understand it's mass DotT. Tauren chief is normally taken as 2nd hero in this case 4 Shockwave ability, with Blademaster as 1st.

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