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Thread: Basic strategy - HM vs NE

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    Default Basic strategy - HM vs NE

    HM normally does quick expo, tier 2, 2 Arcane sanctrums, 1 Workshop. Casters, Spell breakers and mortars are used. Hero : 1.AM, 2.MK/Naga. Towers are used in attack sometimes.

    NE normally does quick tier 3, Double Ancient of Lore. A few Dryads while in tier 2 and then Druids of the Claw with Bear form research in tier 3. Hero DH/Warden as 1st; Naga/ Keeper of the Grove as 2nd.

    Replay link :
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    Default Re: Basic strategy - HM vs NE

    Another strat by HM against NE is Rifle + Casters. Rifles 4 Dryads/ Huntress, Casters+Rifles 4 bears. Although it is less used by pros, it is used every now and then. heroes are same in this 1.

    Replay link :
    Its AIM. Not GG AIM, GG_AIM or GG.

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