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Thread: Basic strategy - HM vs ORC

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    Default Basic strategy - HM vs ORC

    Grunts heavy armor. So magic attack does 2X damage on them. This is why casters(in this case : Sorceress) are used by HM.

    HM normally goes quick tier 2 -> Double Arcane Sanctrum. Hero AM 1st, MK 2nd. Sometimes quick tower rush when Sorceress come out, somtimes normal play.

    Orc normally goes 4 grunts, Raiders, Spirit walkers with 1 upgrade. Hero BM 1st, SH 2nd. Sometimes FS is 1st and TC is 2nd.

    Sometimes orc uses Wind riders. This is kind of 'new' 2 counter casters; and can be countered by simply taking Beastmaster as 2nd hero by HM. Water elemental and Quilbeast are enough 4 wind riders. But WE and QB can be 'disenchanted' by Spirit Walkers.

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    Default Re: Basic strategy - HM vs ORC

    Spirit Walkers Rock...

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    Default Re: Basic strategy - HM vs ORC

    yeah. particularly 'Spirit Link'-ed peons are very deceiving.
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    Default Re: Basic strategy - HM vs ORC

    The 2nd strat against orc.

    This is it. This is the strat that gets orc everytime. > Well actually it gets them most of the time if properly executed.

    Orc is weak against magic attack(because strong primary unit Grunts r heavy armor and orc has no magic immune unit). So use the most powerful magic attack unit there is - Gryphon Riders.

    This strat requires heroes - Mountain King as 1st, Paladin as 2nd. This is absolutely vital, and AM is rarely used in this strat. Make a quick expo, then upgrade 2 Tier 3. And don't forget 2 save ur bases with guard towers & don't get wiped out b4 reaching tier 3. In tier 3, make Gryphon Aviary(normally 3 GAs r made) and make Gryphons. At least have 2 steel sword upgrades(i forgot what it is called....shortcut is 's') 4m Blacksmith. so that makes avg dmg = 62. u can keep 1 or 2 Knights as well. Also buy a Staff of Sanctuary from Arcane Vault. Heal ur Gryphs with Pala and use Staff 2 save as many Gryphs as u can. After u use the staff once, give it 2 another hero and the cooldown will b reset (in 1.21).

    Orc can counter this with Troll Batriders.

    Link :
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    Default Re: Basic strategy - HM vs ORC

    And U think anyone will survive till tier 3??? Confess it OC has the best early game offensive and they will hardly let u settle. They will defeniately put mass tower just outside ur base even if they cant break ur defense. And to defend ur base that hard will a dent in your account and it will not be that easy to expand as well. So my view is this a very risky strategy. Might work if the opponent is really DUMB or something.
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    Default Re: Basic strategy - HM vs ORC

    this is the only strat pros use these days. i rarely see casters these days.
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    Default Re: Basic strategy - HM vs ORC

    I can only say one thing that Nepolean said "The side that stays within their fortification is surely beaten".
    Strike hard and quickly. And never disperse your forces.

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    Default Re: Basic strategy - HM vs ORC

    not these days. ^^ a fortification is only on Burrows and Towers. Have a Drag with Cloud and no problem.
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