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Thread: Basic strategy - HM vs HM

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    Default Basic strategy - HM vs HM

    HM mirror is normally quick tech double Arcane Sanctrum and after that depending on how the match goes, tier 3 is upgraded(if necessary). Often matches are decided in tier 2 with casters+Spell breakers. Sometimes it is quick expo, then tier 2 and so on. 1st hero is normally AM, sometimes MK and Panda. 2nd hero MK/Panda/Naga.

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    Its AIM. Not GG AIM, GG_AIM or GG.

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    AH!! HU mirror. Me and AIM played lots of HU mirror in my early WC3 life . I always liked to use a bit diffenent strategy in HU mirror match. I went for MK+footies first and then went for Rifles. Footies>Breakers and Rifle> casters. Hero order : MK (for early hero kill), PL (For healing footies mainly and using that ability that gives extra protection to footies). If U can use this strategy believe me U will rule.

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