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    Splinter Cell Trilogy HD gets new release date

    Ubisoft pushes Euro release of PS3-exclusive Sam Fisher three-pack to September 23; North American retailers now expecting an August 2 launch.

    Gamers who tried to buy the PlayStation 3 Splinter Cell Trilogy HD bundle last week on its announced June 21 release date were no doubt disappointed, as super spy Sam Fisher evaded yet another release date. Ubisoft this week provided yet another release window for the compilation, which was originally planned for release in March.

    Sam Fisher won't start sneaking until September.

    An updated release schedule from Ubisoft this week nailed down a new date for Splinter Cell Trilogy HD, at least in one region. European gamers should be able to pick up the compilation starting September 23. Ubisoft's North American arm has not responded to GameSpot's requests for comment on a new release window for the game, but US retailers GameStopand Amazon are taking preorders with an expected August 2 launch date attached.
    The Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD includes the 2002 original stealth shooter, as well as Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory. All three games have also been updated with high-definition graphics and a stereoscopic 3D view. Ubisoft had also said that it was planning on releasing the Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD through the PlayStation Network.

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