Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I've got a problem. I'm trying to Call Of Duty 4 with Tunngle( a free VPN software). Now, every time I try to log into this software, I get a message saying " You router NAT configuration is preventing Tunngle from properly
you need to setup port fowarding". I'm a Qubee subscriber and got the 512 kbps sky package. I've forwarded ports on my Belkin router. Yet, the problem exists. I've contacted the Qubee customer service, but they said the problem is in my PC and they are blocking no ports. Tunngle requires u to setup port forwarding in order to establish successful p2p connection. But, I've tried everything I can, but nothing is working. Does Qubee really allow p2p connection as I have been told? If not, then it is there router which is blocking the Tunngle connection. If yes, then the problem is in my PC. I would really appreciate ur reply. Thanks.