The past week has seen the arrival of quite the number of platforms designed to support AMD's newest APUs, with the latest being a sizable set developed by Gigabyte for those who like to make their own desktops.

By now, users will have probably lain eyes on at least one or several mainboards aimed at the newest processors from AMD.

For those that want a reminder, the AMD A-Series of Fusion accelerated processing units, for the mainstream, are one of the hot topics at the moment.

As such, mainboard makers, like MSI, ECS, ASUS and ASRock, among others, all have such motherboards on sale or on the way.

Now, Gigabyte issued a press release in which it exposed no less than seven A75 platforms, named GA-A75-UD4H, GA-A75-D3H, GA-A75M-UD2H, GA-A75M-D2H, GA-A75M-S2V, GA-A75N-USB3 and GA-A75-DS3P (the last two have yet to get their own product pages).

They have various feature sets, but the things that stand out the most are the DualBIOS technology (allows one to revert to a secondary BIOS in case of tweaking woes) and the Easy Tune 6 utility.

"At GIGABYTE, we are delighted to bring to market this new and exciting motherboard range, delivering our renowned durability and exceptional feature support to AMD's ground breaking APU technology," commented Henry Kao, VP of Worldwide Service and Marketing at GIGABYTE.

"As well as bringing AMD A-Series technology to DIY users who demand excellent gaming and multimedia performance on a budget, these motherboards also offer a compelling upgrade path that includes Dual Graphics configurations."

For those that want a reminder as to what the Llano APUs can do, they are dual-core or quad-core units with built-in Radeon HD graphics and TDPs of 35W or 45W.

The motherboards should have the 7.1 channel audio capable of complementing the video and computing prowess of the chips. Those seeking more information will find everything they need here or on the product pages mentioned above.

Source: softpedia news