Power users were hoping to get their hands on Intel's Ivy Bridge silicon by the end of the year, the time frame the Santa Clara chip maker originally gave for the successor to its existing Sandy Bridge CPUs. Now we're hearing that users will have to wait until March 2012 in order to give notebook vendors more time to sell their existing Sandy Bridge systems.

According to news and rumor site DigiTimes, Intel's 6-series chipset design flaw back at the beginning of the year ultimately left OEMs holding the bag with two months of lower demand. Combined with tablet PCs cutting into notebook demand, Intel has decided to throw vendors a bone by delaying the launch until next year, giving them more time to clear existing inventory and allow for a more gradual transition.

Ivy Bridge represents Intel's first foray into 22nm 3D transistor technology and is supposed to offer up to 30 percent better graphics performance and 20 percent better CPU performance compared to current Sandy Bridge parts.