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Thread: Some unrevealed fun with some Football club!!!!

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    Cool Some unrevealed fun with some Football club!!!!

    first of all plz take it as fun

    no. 1: How Rafa Nadal became Real Madrid fan
    nadal: well, i won many trophy and many tournament. then one day Real boss came to me and said we want you! then i said im not a football player! then he said you dont need to be soccer player. we always buy who play well!!

    PS: akhon j obostha, keo valo khellei Real tare kina nay , asha kori Bangladesh ar Amili-o akdin dak pabe

    no. 2: a conversation between a Headmaster and Arsen Wenger

    AW: how is my child is studying?
    HM: well ur son is very young and brilliant! a prosperous future is waiting for him. but this year he also failed.
    (at that moment Sir Fergu enter into that room)
    AW: how Fergu's son is doing.
    HM: his son stood first this year!
    AW: how!!&*(^^&$%^#&*^%*&^*$*&^
    HM: well Mr. Furgue donates us in many times and so we give his son some extra benefits!
    AW looked to Fergu and saw Fergu was chewing chewing-gum and started giving some hot words to a teacher!!

    no.3: caution!! some english player may retired in upcoming euro!!

    phone call from Terry's wife
    TW: hello, terry is there!
    Asle Cole: hi, how r u?
    TW: im fine now but i'll not! tell me where is he now?
    AC: he is in the game!
    TW: well plz tell him to call me when he reterns.
    AC: ok.

    AC: hello, is it FAvio Cappelo?
    FB: yes, anything wrong Cole?
    AC: not yet. im here to inform u somthing.
    FC: what?
    AC: we need to see some replacement of Bent!
    FC: why? he is our key player and he is not injured!
    AC: well sir he may take retired!
    FC: why?
    AC: like Bridge took sir!
    FC: what do u mean?
    AC: yes sir Terry is going to meet with Bent's wife and u know, i know and GOD know whats going on!!
    FC: oh! nooooooooo!

    no. 4: How Barca players go to their home!!
    For Messi: Spain to Italy to England to France To Italy to Belgium to England to Portugal to Denmark to Brazil to Chili to America to Qatar to Uruguay then to Argentina!!!
    ( because to many Short passes to many root )

    Well, i dont know much about Seria A, if u have any idea then plz share.
    IM again saying i just made it for fun, so plz dont take it seriously and personally
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    Default Re: Some unrevealed fun with some Football club!!!!

    codhunter made a mistake. The line will beHow Rafa Nadal became Real Madrid MAN .

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