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Thread: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Reviewed

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    Talking Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Reviewed

    Civilization Revolution is the first of the series to be on consoles. Sid Meier has already proved his worth with Pirates on the xbox, but he really did it this time! Civilization Revolution is like the pc versions, except made exclusively for the consoles. The graphics aren't bad, there just not really next gen. But the playful graphics don't effect the amazingly addicting game play.

    You have the choice of around 16 civilizations to be and control, ranging from Abe Lincoln with America to Mohandas Gandhi with India. The game pits you as the leader of a civilization where you must build you city or cities [depending on how you want to play the game] and become number one and dominate all of your rival civilizations. There are 4 ways to beat the game, Domination, Culture, Economic, and Technology. Domination is where you completely destroy all the other civilizations, and there is no way they can win. Culture is where you build a certain amount of wonders or have a certain amount of famous people that move to your city. Economic is where you start obtaining a certain amount of money, and Technology is where you can send a rocket into space. All of these are very possible to achieve on any difficulty, its just how well of a strategy you play them out.

    - Highly addicting.
    - Good variety of civilizations to choose from.
    - Multiple ways to win.
    - Massive armies
    - Many technologies to discover.
    - Building new wonders is always exciting.
    - Challenging.
    - High replay value.
    - Map size is decent
    - Online multiplayer.

    - Graphics could be better

    All in all Civilization Revolution is a true Civ game, just the graphics are not as next gen as the new Civ game on pc. If your a fan of the series, you defiantly need to pick up this game. Or if you want a fun, addicting, challenging, strategy game that is hard to put down...Then this is for you too.

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    Default Re: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Reviewed

    Is this a Turn-Based Strategy Game? x_x

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