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Thread: [Guide] What is GG Tunnel? how to do? (Specially for new members)

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    Default [Guide] What is GG Tunnel? how to do? (Specially for new members)

    এটা পুরোটায় কপি/পেস্ট পোস্ট। গ্যারেনা রিলেটেড একটা ফোরাম থেকে তুলে দেয়া হয়েছে। টানেল, পিং, স্পাইক এসব নিয়ে অনেক দরকারী তথ্য আছে। গ্যারেনার মেইন ফোরামেও এমনই কিছু দরকারি তথ্য ছিল। কিন্তু এখন খুজে পাচ্ছি না।

    What is GG Tunnel?

    Nowadays,i see many people saying that host need to tunnel player. However, do they know the actual meaning of tunnel? From the, we can say that "GG Tunnel allows you to find an optimum in direct connection to a player with 'X' ping to you when direct connection isnot available." Tunnel is restricted. You can only use tunnel when you get no ping to your opponent.(Many people misused tunnel as ping function).

    What is an optimum indirect connection?

    it is connected through the gg server. it doesnt mean that when gaming, our connection is going through gg server, instead, we still going through the host.

    Where does this apply?

    it applies when the player cannot see other player hosting in the room. for some reason, some player cannot see other player hosting in the room and could be due to the following, 1. firewall blocking ggclient or some port. 2. their computer got problems with ggclient.

    What is direct connection?

    Direct connection is the connection from the host to players without going through ggserver. it is mainly used when play in custom game/lan game in warcraft/counter strike. Why we need it? we need direct connection to have minimum lagness of the game.

    Why need to have GG Tunnel?

    We need it to see the game, just to have the initial connection with the host. but when gaming, gg tunnel is useless, it's all about direct connection. if we clicked someone with gg tunnel, sometimes it just looks like no effect, and it does really no effect. it only got effect when u got system message for example that said tunnel 1 :234 ping,tunnel 2 : 9999 ping, tunnel 3 : 9999 ping. in other words,if successful, it will appear system message. but if not successful,then u already having direct connection with that player.

    What is that 3 sort of tunnel?

    GG Tunnel tunnel the specified people 3 times through the GG server.

    Then what should i do?

    Now u knowall about GG Tunnel, don't ask for tunnel next time if you joined a game because you already in the game, means you can see the game earlier and join. why bother to tunnel anymore? doesnt it make sense?

    Below is an example of a successful tunnel :

    1. target the people that didn't have ping with u, right click and tunnel him

    2.You will see [system message] Tunnel1 found ,blablabla. The firstpingis accurate, but i have no idea why thesecond and third pingincreased.

    What is Ping?

    It is the amount of time taken for apacket of information to transfer and receive back and vice-versa.

    What is the use of Ping function in Garena?

    Atool used to create direct connection (P2P) between players in the room but it will normally create it automatically for you. Some router user will find it hard to get ping with most of the user, so they get Xping. | ping means the best. || ping means not quite good. ||| and||||ping is horrible.

    Why i need to know this?

    most of the time, we need prefer to join | ping game and the host need to make sure all the user in the game have | ping with him too by using ping all in "Gamers joined my host" tab to reconfirm the ping.

    Why some people can see numerical number in ping instead of |, ||, ||| and |||| ?

    Numerical number is the actual and accurate ping ranging from 1 to10000,the lower the better. They can have this function because they are goldmember which u have to pay for it. However, it really doesn't matter that whether u can see the accurate ping or not. We all know that we wont waste time just to find the lowest numerical number host for the minimum lagness. We just probably click the room and join regardless of the ping.

    How did i actually get ping with most of the user if i'm not on router?

    You can try to press Start Game, then ping one of the X ping in the room. it will refresh the whole ping in the room.

    Is it that if i get ping, i will have smooth connection?

    The smooth connection we all referring to are the minimum lagness of the game. As i said above, you will need to get | ping or low numerical number (below 200) with the host.

    What is anti-spike?

    Again, according to support in gg main web, "GG's Anti-spike function is designed tosignificantly reduce spikes during game."

    What is spike?

    A sudden stop of screen movement when playing.

    How does it work?

    I'm not so sure about this new feature implanted in blue server loader and ggclient. It delayed the data sent between host and playerstoguarantee receive the data and notlosing it somewhere in the internet. Thus, consume more bandwidth. So, it's matter of balancing between lag and spike.

    Why do we need this feature?

    According to support in gg main web, it said "Game flow will definitely be very smooth and enjoyable!" It doesn't work in Warcraft 3 TFT RPG room.

    So what's the main point?

    Don't even bother to use it if u r playing in Warcraft 3 TFT RPG room.

    OMG !! i dun really know what r u talking about in this whole thread.

    I'll give u a summary. Tunnel is used only when ucannot see people's game. if u see people's game, then no need tunnel. Ping is used tocheck/create connection with most of the user in case the GGC didn't automatic do it for u. Anti-spike is for balancing between lag and spike, quite useless and seldom used.

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    Default Re: [Guide] What is GG Tunnel? how to do? (Specially for new members)

    good post
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    Default Re: [Guide] What is GG Tunnel? how to do? (Specially for new members)

    Great Post actually, thanks!

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